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Malmera, Montecchi and Colle degli Angeli Park

Malmera, Montecchi and Colle degli Angeli Park

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How to get there: Cascina Alpina, via Montecchi 41
Contact: gorlago.bergamo@ana.it (Gruppo Alpini di Gorlago)
Accessibility: The park is always open to the public, but there are no paths accessible to wheelchair users.
The Cascina Alpina is open to the public seasonally and offers food.
The outdoor areas are accessible to wheelchair users.


The Cascina Alpina is the gateway to the PLIS – Parco Locale di Interesse Sovracomunale (Local Park extending over several municipalities) of Malmera, Montecchi and the Colle degli Angeli hills: a protected area established by the municipalities of Gorlago, Carobbio degli Angeli, Trescore Balneario and Zandobbio to preserve the hills and valleys that extend along the banks of the Cherio and Malmera rivers. Here you can immerse yourself in luxuriant nature, accompanied by the sound of running water. Dense forests alternate with sunny terraces, evidence of an age-old farming tradition and the skilful work of man who for centuries has shaped the landscape to cultivate vines. The shady slopes, on the other hand, show that constant attention has been paid to the care of the forest and its wild fruits, thus preserving the original ecosystem.
You can either walk down the easy paths along the banks of the Cherio river, or climb up the hill to the Castello degli Angeli, where you can look out over the village of Gorlago and the Po Valley.

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