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Gorlago is a hub of numerous cycling routes. The Bergamo-Brescia cycle path and the path from Val Cavallina to Val Camonica, which continues on to Munich pass through here. The new park with facilities provides a relaxing break, where e-bikes can be charged and energy can be replenished while sampling local products.
Gorlago is a hub of numerous cycling routes. Hop in the saddle to discover the Terre del Vescovado and its surroundings.
Follow the cycle paths and go as far as the Bergamo hills, through the lower Val Seriana. Ride through the hills of Valcalepio or follow the river Serio until you spot the castles of the famous military leader Bartolomeo Colleoni.
Follow the proposed itineraries or rent an e-bike and let an experienced guide accompany you along the stunning trails of this area.

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