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Start and finish: Car park in via San Spiridione, Gorlago (BG)
Difficulty level: Easy
Length: 5 km
Altitude difference: 50 m
Terrain: Mostly asphalt
Average travel time: 20 min

This loop will take you on a discovery of Gorlago: a short but picturesque route that crosses the historic centre and winds along the foot of the Colle degli Angeli hills. The route is mainly on asphalt or paved roads, with a short stretch of dirt road. It is suitable for anyone and does not require any particular technical or physical skills.

In the Malmera, Montecchi and Colle degli Angeli Park

Leave your car in the car park in Via San Spiridione, near Moroni Park in Gorlago, and take the cycle path to Zandobbio and Val Cavallina. Go through the residential area, then, after crossing the bridge over the Cherio river, turn right towards Cascina degli Alpini. Go past the Cascina (farmhouse) and continue on the path through the forest. It will gradually become narrower, but is still accessible and enjoyable. Once out of the forest, a little further on, you will find yourself on asphalt roads. Turn right and head towards Ponte Romano bridge to cross the Cherio river again, at the gates of the historic village of Gorlago.

In the historic centre

Cross the old bridge, go past the garden of Villa Bolis and turn right at the crossroads onto Via Cecilia Maccarani. When you reach Piazza Marconi, keep to the right and continue along Via Vimercati Sozzi: after a few dozen metres you will pass the imposing entrance to Villa Siotto Pintor, with its garden featuring a magnificent century-old oak tree. When you reach Piazza Gregis, take a look at the church of San Pancrazio Martire standing to your right. Cross the square and re-enter the historic centre until you find yourself back in Piazza Marconi, in front of the old town hall, which today is the Civic Library. The route continues along Via Regina Margherita until you reach Piazza Locatelli.

Contrada Castello

Leave Piazza Locatelli and enter the Contrada Castello, along the narrow Via Guarneri. When you see the old tower-houses, keep to the left. Shortly afterwards you will find yourself in a small but charming square overlooked by the church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo and the entrance to Palazzo Guarneri-Gozzini, once the castle of the Lanzi family, the noble family of Gorlago. Before doubling back, look through the stone arch to admire the hills of the Terre del Vescovado.
Leaving the Contrada, go along Via Piatti, pass behind Villa Gozzini and turn onto Via Roma with care. Shortly afterwards, turn right onto Via Casa Quadra and you will find yourself back on Via Locatelli. From here, follow Via Asperti and cross the village one last time. When you reach Piazza Europa, go past the multi-purpose sports facility to finally find yourself in the new Moroni Park.

The Cascina degli Alpini, parks, churches and villas in the ancient village of Gorlago.

By car
A4 motorway
From Milan: Seriate exit
From Venice: Grumello del Monte exit 
Follow directions to Val Cavallina.
Recommended car parks in Gorlago: Piazza Europa – Via San Spiridione

By train
Trenitalia and Trenord run connections from Brescia and Bergamo to Gorlago.
Station stop: Montello Gorlago 

We recommend consulting the railway websites to find out the current timetables and fares and to check the availability of bicycle transport.

Recommended restaurants
Bella Italia –  via Roma 79, Gorlago – tel +39 035 953307
Da Giovanni – via del Fabbricone 2, Gorlago – tel +39 035 20681254
DiVinoInVino – via Asperti 12 , Gorlago – tel +39 035 4251095
Il Bù family restaurant – via I maggio 2, Gorlago – tel +39 035 752312
Locanda dell’Antica Giàsera  – via Dante Alighieri 8, Gorlago – tel +39 035 0780390
Zen Sushi – via del Fabbricone 16 – tel +39 035 4251007

Takeaway pizzerias or street food
Pizza in Piazza – via Vimercati Sozzi 14, Gorlago – tel +39 035 4251182

Recommended bar
Big Bar – via Regina Margherita 11, Gorlago – tel +39 035 951089
Bar Maria –  via Vimercati Sozzi 51, Gorlago – tel +39 035 951540
Caffetteria del Centro –  via Lorenzo Sibellini 8, Gorlago – tel +39 035 953556
Dany’s bar – via Pesenti 39, Gorlago – tel +39 338 3543368
Ottimaidea café – Piazza Gregis 6, Gorlago – tel +39 035 952878

Recommended hotels and B&B
The area offers accommodation to suit all needs.
A selection can be found at www.terredelvescovado.it/dormire



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