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Villa Siotto Pintor

Villa Siotto Pintor

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Location: Via Vimercati Sozzi, 4
Contact: villasiottopintor@gmail.com
Accessibility: Private venue which can be visited on request. The interior is accessible to wheelchair users.


Villa Siotto Pintor reveals the Sardinian origin of its last owners in its name. In fact, the Siotto Pintor family arrived in Gorlago in the mid-19th century, in the service of the new Kingdom of Italy.
When they moved to the mainland, they brought a young cork oak tree with them as a reminder of their homeland. Since then, the tree has been growing in the courtyard of the villa, where to this day it majestically greets its visitors.
Although the building has ancient origins, it is remarkable for the eclectic style of its facade, its finely decorated interior and late 19th century furnishings. Entering Villa Siotto Pintor one has the feeling of going back in time. Immersed in this evocative atmosphere, it is easy to imagine meeting the owner of the house, Diodato Siotto Pintor, in his dress uniform as an officer in the Army of the Kingdom of Italy.

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