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Villa Gozzini

Villa Gozzini

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Location: Via Piatti, 6
Contact: info@tramenascoste.it
Accessibility: Private venue open only on special occasions. The grounds are accessible to wheelchair users, while the interior rooms do not have wheelchair access.


Dating back to the 16th century, Villa Gozzini appears stark and compact from the street. Its refined elegance is revealed to those who are privileged to walk along the paths of the private park.
The outdoor areas display valuable terracotta and marble decorations, while the interior rooms still preserve mannerist frescoes by Gian Paolo Cavagna.
The two ornate wings and the double loggia of the central body interact harmoniously with the magnificent trees in the garden. Immense Lebanon Cedars and majestic Holm oaks alternate with unexpected Palms and countless other tree species, creating a garden that bears witness to the glorious past of this villa, the nearby castle and the surrounding village.

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