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Villa Bolis

Villa Bolis

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Location: Via Cecilia Maccarani, 16-24
Contact: info@tramenascoste.it
Accessibility: A private venue open only on special occasions. The grounds outside are accessible to wheelchair users, while the rooms inside do not have wheelchair access.


Villa Bolis is named after its last owner, tenor Luigi Bolis, who bought it from the Piatti nobles in the second half of the 19th century. The voice of the tenor Bolis still resounds in the rooms of the villa, in the memories and memorabilia collected and carefully preserved by his heirs.
The oldest part of the Villa, consisting of several buildings, dates back to the 16th century and still preserves traces of the original frescoes, embellished by the stone frames of doors and windows. Over the centuries, the building was enlarged, changing its appearance and adapting to the fashion of the time, in neo-Romanesque style.
The new turret and chalet are part of a precise landscape design, in which the lush garden extends down towards the Roman bridge and the river Cherio, which has always bordered the park of this charming villa.

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