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Palazzo Guarneri-Gozzini

Palazzo Guarneri-Gozzini

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Location: Via sant’Andrea, 17
Contact: info@tramenascoste.it
Accessibility: A private venue open only on special occasions. The courtyard is accessible to wheelchair users, while the rooms inside do not have wheelchair access.


Palazzo Guarneri-Gozzini stands in a strategic position, where the ancient castle of the Lanzi family once stood: a cliff overlooking the river Cherio from which they could dominate the entrance to the valley and the Colle degli Angeli hills. Even today, one can still catch a glimpse of that same landscape, framed by the architecture of the village.
Over the centuries, the ancient fortress lost its defensive functions to take on the appearance of a refined noble palace. The inner courtyard, characterised by a double loggia with columns and round arches, hides valuable frescoed rooms from prying eyes. All that remains of the ancient castle is the base of the tower, made of massive square blocks of stone, making a scenic backdrop to the Contrada Castello.

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