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Church of Sant’Andrea

Church of Sant’Andrea

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Location:Via Sant’Andrea, 12
Contact: info@tramenascoste.it
Accessibility: Private venue which can be visited on request. The interior is accessible to wheelchair users..


The Romanesque church of Sant’Andrea al Castello is set, like a gem, in an ancient district of Gorlago. Only a small wooden door, framed by marble slabs, reveals its presence.
Originally built as the castle chapel of the Lanzi family, whose tombs are still preserved today, its interior features a unique decorative palimpsest. Early medieval frescoes sit alongside the work of Gian Paolo Cavagna, one of the best examples of mannerist painting in Bergamo. 
Since 1760, this small and precious religious building has also been known as the ‘Church of Sant’Anna’. In fact, during the summer of that year the inhabitants of Gorlago invoked the Saint’s help to put an end to the terrible drought that was decimating the crops. On 26 July their prayers were answered and the rain brought relief to the fields, lifting the fortunes of this small community.

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