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Casa Quadra

Casa Quadra

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Location: Via Casa Quadra, 6
Contact: info@tramenascoste.it
Accessibility: Private venue not open to visitors.
The frescoes of the Sala di Ulisse (Ulysses Room) are kept in the Prefecture of Bergamo and can be visited on request. The Prefecture is accessible to wheelchair users.
Private venue open only on special occasions. The courtyard is accessible to wheelchair users, while the interior rooms do not have wheelchair access.


The Casa Quadra is an austere stone building, recognisable by its massive square-based tower rising above the other buildings. The name derives from the term ‘Quadra’ used to identify an administrative jurisdiction during Venetian rule. At that time, the representative of the Quadra of Trescore resided in this very building, which was an expression of wealth and power.
The former splendour, which has been largely lost, is still reflected in the 16th-century frescoes by Giovanni Battista Castello depicting the Stories of Ulysses. Detached and kept inside the Prefecture of Bergamo, they are now accessible to all by means of a Virtual Tour.

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