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Front of the tower house - Gorlago

Tower House (known as the Inferno)

Tower House (known as the Inferno)

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Location: Piazza Europa
Contact: info@tramenascoste.it
Accessibility: The lower garden and public spaces are also accessible to those with mobility disabilities.


The Tower House is one of the oldest buildings in Gorlago. The original core around which the building grew consists of a massive medieval tower, partially visible from Piazza Europa.
The massive walls, made of large stones, feature a series of loopholes that reveal its original defensive function.
Today, the building is known as the Inferno. In fact it was here that the famous Renaissance painter Giovan Battista Moroni is said to have stayed while painting his last great work: The Last Judgement. Legend has it that it was in these very rooms that the artist completed the portion of the work that depicts the Underworld, from which the house takes its name.

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