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Civic Library and Cultural Centre

Civic Library and Cultural Centre

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Location: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 1
Contact: biblioteca@comune.gorlago.bg.it
Accessibility: Open to the public during opening hours. All spaces are accessible to wheelchair users.


The civic Library and cultural centre is located in the heart of Gorlago’s historic centre, giving new life to the old twentieth-century building that once housed the Town Hall and the Royal Post and Telegraph Office.
The historic building was constructed in the early 20th century and has the typical construction features of municipal institutions, with a plinth, entrance staircase, balcony and a cornice with Art Nouveau inscriptions and decorations.
The historic building is subtly complemented by contemporary architecture, whose large windows tell the story of Gorlago’s past and present. On Piazza Marconi the glass façade is a living depiction of those who frequent the library, while on the opposite side a huge stained-glass window depicts the characteristic elements of Gorlago. Muzio Compagnoni designed a composition of polychrome leaded glass depicting the historic views of the village, but also the wires and pylons of the high-tension power line, a sign of modernity.

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