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Welcome to Gorlago

Gorlago is a small village with a noble past. On the banks of the Cherio river, just 15 km from Bergamo, it marks the boundary between the plains and the gentle hills of the Terre del Vescovado (Lands of the Bishopric). Cross an ancient Roman bridge to begin your journey of discovery of the area’s treasures: stately homes, ancient churches, majestic trees; all guardians of hidden stories, to be discovered at a leisurely pace or by bicycle. So, listen to your surroundings, lose yourselves in the alleyways and immerse yourselves in a landscape interwoven with art, nature and history.

A heritage to be discovered

In a once strategic position, Gorlago reveals a past rich in art and history, where the lives of priests, patriots, nobles and artists intertwine. Villas with elegant columns, gardens of private delights, churches adorned with Renaissance frescoes and canvases interact with the present in the hypnotic shapes of an immense work of street art.
Let us take you on a journey through art and history. Wander through the alleyways of the Contrada Castello and enter the Romanesque church of Sant’Andrea to catch glimpses of medieval life and atmosphere. Rediscover the Bergamo Renaissance in the magnificent works of Giovanni Battista Moroni, and finally, enter the salons of the late 19th century, as guests of the Siotto Pintor and Bolis villas.

Nature and the local area

Nature surrounds Gorlago and enters right into the heart of the village. It outlines the profile of the Colle degli Angeli hills and the sinuous contours of the Cherio river and is moulded by the hand of man, creating an agricultural landscape of vineyards. It flourishes again in the magnificent gardens of Villa Siotto Pintor and Villa Gozzini.
The new park along the Cherio is the result of this partnership between man and nature. Here you can watch the herons glide overhead and, taking the trail into the forest, you can follow the banks of the river, the lifeblood of this natural heritage.

Slow tourism by bicycle

Gorlago is a hub of numerous cycling routes. The Bergamo-Brescia cycle path and the path from Val Cavallina to Val Camonica, which continues on to Munich pass through here. The new park with facilities provides a relaxing break, where e-bikes can be charged and energy can be replenished while sampling local products. Gorlago is a hub of numerous cycling routes. Hop in the saddle to discover the Terre del Vescovado and its surroundings.
Follow the cycle paths and go as far as the Bergamo hills, through the lower Val Seriana. Ride through the hills of Valcalepio or follow the river Serio until you spot the castles of the famous military leader Bartolomeo Colleoni.
Follow the proposed itineraries or rent an e-bike and let an experienced guide accompany you along the stunning trails of this area.


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